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How did we get to where we are?  What drove the debate?  There were two parallel and recurring themes - septic solution and school expansion.  Seen above left is an old photo of the FRONT of WMS - voting takes place in the Old Gym, which has access around the new and old at WHS and the WIS (r.)

What were we voting about all over again?

This was the original Referendum Number One Nov. 15, 2001 question (Question #2) and the original result was 2200 - 1892 in favor of a 3-4-5 school;  the new Referendum question was reversed ("yes" meaning "no" and "no" meaning "yes" to construction of the new 3-4-5 school).  To be a Weston Town Meeting voter you have to have had advanced courses in obfuscation.
April 22, 2003 do-over Referendum Number Two:  3450 votes cast (total includes 252 absentee ballots):
Favoring 3-4-5 school ("no" votes) =  2231 (64.7%)...31 votes more than Nov. 15, 2001 Referendum #1;
Against 3-4-5 school ("yes" votes) =  1219 (35.3%)...673 fewer than in Nov. 15, 2001 Referendum #1.

Intermediate School open September 2005, Weston High School doubled in size, "opened" May '06

PRELUDE: Where this all began - the history (1995 through current) of sewage disposal discussion;  ARCHITECTURAL HISTORY of three (3) different architect/planners' plans for Weston's school expansion  HERE.


SCHOOL CONSTRUCTION/EXPANSION:  Unofficial minutes for School Building project (as far back as May 2000--in reverse chronological order), by "About Town"--we have not missed one Building Committee/School Building Committee meeting since the Referendum of November 15, 2001--HERE;