August 21, 2001 Special Board of Selectmen's Meeting:
Five other Boards & Committees report at Library in 4 hours+

At Weston Library...the scene was set, air conditioning at full blast (and so no hot air) and no "public input" either, as advertised.

It was quite extraordinary.  In one place, at one time, the five (5) different Town Boards and/or Commissions or Special Committees who had played a part in determining the future of the Weston School System and the Central Part of town came together (not all in person).  The opinions that might be expressed either unintentionally or on purpose are those of this WEBsite.

The Board of Education
First to be called upon, the "B.O.E." made their pitch.  Financial figures were supplied by the Director of Finance of the B.O.E. regarding ten year regular budget costs looking "forward" ten years.  Construction cost was presented by the Chair. and the Board Member who had sat on the Select Team.  Bottom line: $65 million NET.

The School Building Committee
Following the Board of Education came the School Building Committee; the Chair. of this official Committee specifically called out gross (we think) numbers for other construction:
HIGH SCHOOL - $36,793,480
NEW 3-4-5 - $27,978,275
MIDDLE SCHOOL - $3,279,562
EAST&SOUTH HOUSES - $10,246,795
SCHOOL ROAD (to reconfigure) - approx. $1,500,000
TOTAL - $79,798,112 GROSS  (NET total $3.2 million higher than Board of Education number)

The Select Team
The Co-Chair. of this Ad Hoc Committee reported on their supporting activities, including the "Impact of Town Operating Budget and School Expansion Debt Service Costs" document (dated August 15, 2001).  This group is intending to develop informational tools regarding the items that will ultimately go to Referendum.

Click HERE for background on this issue.
The Select Committee on the Impact of Sewage Treatment on the Character of Weston was not present.  Information was given by the First Selectman that the consultant had submitted a report stating that $2.4 million to $2.6 million was the cost of completely redoing (including recycling and tertiary treatment) - although the Department of Environmental Protection had not approved the final details of the full construction of systems and other treatment structures in the program yet.  The higher figure represents recycling of water at the new building (we think).

"About Town" had had enough by this time (@10:30pm);  the Parks and Recreation Commission spoke of the shifting use of fields - and how many would be lost during construction.  Plans for Bisceglie and Morehouse Farm Park (Minerva Heady's land) and school campus total $10.5 million. Of this larger total,s as a subtotal amount, are plans for...2 little league fields, 3 multi-use fields, 2 tennis courts (is that enough?) and concession stand, lighting of 2 athletic fields, playground, nature trails and board walks, overlook (great view), water supply--and a SKATE PARK come to...$4.2 million (subtotal).  And some more items.  Breaking down these numbers further, according to written material available at the door, fields at Bisceglie for school and adult use (softball and baseball) might come to $400,000.  The big loser in all the plans is tennis (six courts lost on School Road)...does this make sense to you?

The bottom line?  "About Town" counted maybe $93 million gross to do it all.  But what do I know?

Next step is for the Board of Selectmen to recommend a number (and the projects to be included, we presume)...