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LATEST:  Definitely need COOLING CENTERS IN TOWN  this week - how hot is it inside the schools?  From the FORUM July 26...
more bear stories from upstate.
WARNING :  Here are the BUS SCHEDULES as they stand... school year CALENDAR;  bridge work not finished yet

Ears up, listening for bow hunters on Sundays after Oct. 1.
by M.S. Wirtenberg

Art collection;  Including the Second Chance PortfolioSenior Center show;  direct link to videoSustainability - how you can make a difference. 

WESTON CT breaking news

ABOUT WESTON internal search engine above can be used to locate topics and stories of interest.  ABOUT WESTON began in 1998.  Information from the original website on subjects not specifically ABOUT WESTON no longer available online.
ABOUT WESTON HAS A NEW MISSION:  All the news that About Weston observes, in person or online, we report - and provide background info.  "About Town" the public access TV show also appearing online here.
Web-contact:  margaret - at - aboutweston.com

"About Weston" provides original research on Weston, Connecticut, links to official sources, and expresses the opinions of this Weston, CT website.  We attend many town board and commission meetings, observing via Town Channel and School Channel at times. 

In order to find our reports and commentary, there are three (3) methods to use: 
  1. Please type in name of board or commission in the search box above - and instantly, you can find unbiased information.  NEW is a link research sources we employ, although we do not consider any of them completely without bias.  Much of our previous website, however, is no longer online.  E-mail any question to About Weston and we will try to retrieve this data for you.  As long ago as December 1998 we began covering the Weston government meetings scene, online.  They are kept updated either by integrating historical reports or topics and information into this new website design, or via adding news reports to the original, now unpublished, webpages.
  2. Observations on this new website current for:  Board of Selectmen, Finance Board, WCCOG, Police Commission, Global Facilities CommitteeLachat through the years is our favorite civic involvement.  Others listed relate to these entities' subject matter.  Our current sub-pages on other government activities can be found by scrolling down the list of "pages" below and clicking the hot links.  And we haven't forgotten about Education or Transportation or Freedom of Information as subjects affecting Weston on a broader scale, either.  Actions from outside entities play a large role in these subjects for Westonites.  And new today..."Special Town Meetings since 2002" for those who might wonder what Town Meeting government is all about.
  3. Or...these same observations and sources are ordered by symbol or picture, making them easy to find!

Please remember that we have re-assembled this site to refocus its mission directly on Weston. 

T A B L E    O F   C O N T E N T S   -   G O    D I R E C T   T O    N E W S    O U T L E T S   H E R E   

Please visit sub-pages listed below in order of newest updates - " ' # 1 ' =  T O P    S T O R Y    T O D A Y " Browsing?  Click page "logo" artworks listed in ALPHABETICAL ORDER:
  1. Board of Selectmen:  Where everything local ends up.  INTERVIEWS for "strategic plan" effort...we call it a noun because there should be a product not just a process.
  2. Regional and local public safety and other police issues and use of drones and/or other aerial reconnaissance techniques.
  3. SUSTAINABILITY:  A planning exercise.  Related:  "Natural Resources" , "Re-Evaluation" plus DROUGHT;  and Seattle...a city but also a state of mind.
  4. DROUGHT:  In CT in particular.  Hot end to summer...
  5. DOG DAYS:  School is back in session in Weston and Alaska.
  6. NEW:  Wild Things review.
  7. Army Corps of Engineers - "H" bridge ever completed if E.P.A. had to be involved?
  8. Education is a CT Constitutional responsibility...school calendar HERE.  Our "W-W-W-W-W" original comparison...
  9. Architecture
  10. NEW - WWHD - Westport-Weston Health District here for you!  Mosquito alert (West Nile Virus carried by mosquitos, who got it from birds who got it from horses...)!
  11. NEW - The World - too much with us, as the poet says, but not without positive impacts.
  12. Connecticut State Government NEWS:  No deficit yet;  We cover the three branches as they intersect issues of importance to Weston, with emphasis on the Legislature. 
  13. "Global Facilities" - met Aug. 6, 2015, 7:45am to 9:30am in Town Hall - professional estimates distributed - our pictures, document copies & notes here.
  14. LACHATOr as we like to say, "Toujours Lachat" - a subject of significance going forward - meets next Sept. 1st.
  15. Western Connecticut Council of Governments met at 12:30pm in New Canaan Town Hall Aug. 20 - first time a live meeting since May!  For a refresher on who or what is "WCCOG" ...
  16. Internet Matters;   A fast changing picture.  The good news:  No words with more than one syllable trashed on this list.
  17. Finance Board of Weston:  The buck stops there.  Or does it stop here (CT State Tax Panel)?  Read interesting report here:  http://www.theday.com/section/NWSctpensions
  18. NEW:  169 Towns:  What functions required what level of government?  Are taxes not the usual final determination?
  19. TRANSPORTATION...to encompass all modes...roads, rails, pedestrian and waterborne traffic as well as airports, bridges, bicycles..."TFP" reports in fall;  a trend in U.S.A.?
  20. Historic Preservation and Re-Use;  Historic Districts and Adaptive Re-Use
  21. Freedom of Information Commission;
  22. POWER OUTAGE BLOG:   Fascinating study about GRID RESILIENCY (Feb. 2015) here.
  23. "CENTRAL PART OF TOWN" and future development as the STRATEGIC PLAN COMMITTEE INTERVIEWS go on...to fulfill its perhaps expanded MISSION STATEMENT;
  24. TOWN PLANNING TOOL-KITOnline "how to" directions from About Weston to assist citizens attempting to do their own planning.  Map of location of Weston CT Historic Districts here.
  25. Aspetuck Land Trust
  26. "Georgetown" development in the future?
  27. "About Town" the television program, can be viewed online.
  28. RESOURCES:  Reports by others and...links to sources with live and archived public meetings out of town;
  29. U.S. CENSUS BUREAU as it applies to Weston, CT and Georgetown:  Part of this unincorporated place is in...Weston!
  30. Special Town Meetings in Weston since 2002: results and some detail;
  31. Link to our favorite daily newspapers and news outlets.


A resource for videos of live or past events.



169 Towns in Connecticut

Because we're interested in this subject. 

Army Corps of Engineers

Aspetuck Land Trust

COG regional meetings

CONNECTICUT - About Weston.com reports on Hartford and significant land use action.  Or for Legislative matters, go direct  http://www.cga.ct.gov/

Drought  particularly important to a town with no public water or sewer service.

Education and the relation among local, regional and state levels of government supplying that service.

Finance Board

Freedom of Information
"HOW TO" handy tips:  http://www.ct.gov/foi/cwp/view.asp?a=3171&Q=531378#ObtainRecords

"The Gazebo" - Weston's
Government gathering place, on our "greensward."  Town Hall, the Weston Public Library and the Norfield Fire House located there.


Global Facilities Committee - now including notes on all meetings we ever attended

We are always concerned about the structural relationship among levels of government.

Historic Preservation and Re-Use;  Historic Districts and Adaptive Re-Use

Internet Matters:  Highlights from previous research on internet attack and nuclear security...

Lachat - previous information organized for best historical use.

Natural Resources of National significance in eastern CT, and other related issues...

Police - including notes from Weston meetings related to Police news and news of drones.

Power Outage Blog

Re-Evaluation of property - how does this relate to CT Tax Panel -  first step in undermining the Grand List?

Full consolidation of Seattle pages and Whidbey Island pages complete from previous About Weston website...


Animal Control Officer reports that Weston is one of the regions designated for bow-hunting on Sundays.

Selectmen meeting notes

BREAKING NEWS - Sunday Bow Hunting (approved by the Legislature and signed by the Governor) legal on private property beginning October 1, 2015.

Special Town Meetings since 2002...

Sustainability Study by About Weston - news today from the Stamford ADVOCATE about G.M.O. labeling...http://www.stamfordadvocate.com/news/article/House-passes-bill-to-prevent-mandatory-GMO-6401836.php

Town Planning Toolkit

Transportation - all modes!  To include bicycle-pedestrian information eventually.

Wild Things review

"Dog Days" formerly known as "Woof-site" and contains reports about animals..
.Sunday Bow Hunting bill effective October 1st

The World (graphic from NASA photo)

WWHD - offices on Bayberry Lane, Westport.


ABOUT TOWN'S OWN "STRATEGIC PLAN" OBSERVATIONS:  Could one of the "Strategic Planning" ideas be for private use of public space?  (Link is to story from Milford, CT)

Strategic Planning Committee interviews so far...

Regular Meeting of Board of Selectmen interviews continues - we note that some seem to be thinking about how to measure the qualifications for membership and questioning how it will function.

Special Board of Selectmen meeting Thursday (4th Thursday makes it "special") July 30, 2015 for more interviews for Strategic Planning Committee.

Weston FORUM earlier reported that no further interviews coming until after summer vacation;  Special Meeting of the Board of Selectmen July 13, 2015 in the afternoon for the purposes of Executive Session negotiations (labor).  Will 15 spots on a "Strategic Planning Committee" come down to finding out who is "D" and who is "R" - and who will select the "U" if any apply?  For example, could it be 5 - 5 - 5?  Perhaps greater articulation of role of sub-committees needed in MISSION STATEMENT?
Sustainability means, among other things, spending money or resources wisely.  And planning is an activity that should assist in making choices when resources are limited (or in this case, when natural resources are perhaps, limiting).  For more on sustainability, please visit our page begun in 2012:  http://www.aboutweston.com/SustainableStudy.html






The Honorable Toni Boucher, CT State Senator for the 26th District, reports on what has transpired during the 2015 biennial "Long Session" of the State Legislature, and the “Special Session” which followed it.  She describes how the second highest tax increase in Connecticut’s history has alarmed major corporations headquartered in our State, as well as individuals of all political persuasions.  And she explains that it didn’t have to be, and how change that would make jobs, education, and transportation top State priorities, may be in the wind.



The Honorable Gail Lavielle, CT State Representative for the 143rd District, reports on what the Legislature has been up to during its 2015 biennial "Long Session."  Her exceptionally informative comments about critical issues involving the State budget, transportation, taxes, and some particularly worrisome bills that have been proposed, should not be missed! 


Lyn Kimberly and her husband Chris Kimberly founded and run a unique camp-on-wheels for young people, called American Wanderer.   Prepare to be amazed at the sights of some of the most spectacular scenery you've ever seen, in the National Parks of our American West!  Hear about this, and about how they are also revitalizing Camp Berger of the Connecticut State Grange, a very special summer camp for kids.

And for more, visit their websites, www.americanwanderer.com and www.campberger.com

For Windows Users (best viewed via Internet Explorer, which will automatically open Windows Media Player and begin playback without waiting for the entire file to download):


For Windows or Apple/Mac users (depending on the software you are using, playback may not begin until the entire file has downloaded, which may take several minutes or more depending on the speed of your internet connection):



Do you think that librarians and public libraries are becoming less useful in this digital age?  Think again!  Find out some of the many reasons why that is not at all true, in this exceptionally informative interview with the director of the Weston (Connecticut) Public Library.  WATCH NOW!

Connecticut Plan of Conservation and Development 2013-2018:
Daniel Morley and Dimple Desai, of the Intergovernmental Policy Division of Connecticut's Office of Policy and Management, discuss the draft 2013-2018 Plan of Conservation and Development for Connecticut, which is now undergoing public review and comment.  Watch this informative two-part interview about matters that affect every one of Connecticut's 169 towns and cities.  WATCH NOW!


Distinguished architect Allen Swerdlowe, AIA, of  "Design Seven Architects", serves as chairman of the Building Committee of the Town of Weston, and also as a member of the Town's Global Facilities Committee.  In this highly informative interview he fills us in on the status of recent and ongoing construction projects involving Weston's school and town facilities, and on visions for the future of central Weston.  In the process we learn about how the dedicated architects, builders, HVAC specialists, and other construction professionals who serve on the Committee, as unpaid volunteers, have managed to accomplish every project in recent memory on time, on budget, and with beautiful and high quality results.  WATCH NOW!

What is happening
in the Weston Public Schools, to which 80% of our municipal tax dollars are directed?   How do we achieve that delicate balance between maintaining educational excellence and minimizing taxpayer impact...as well as assuring safety for students and staff?  What are Common Core Standards all about?  And how can our school facilities serve as a resource for the broader community?  Dr. Palmer addresses all of these issues and more in a very special two-part interview.  Dr. Palmer is active in the regional association of education leaders in Southwestern Connecticut, and has much experience in the Hartford area as well as having served as Deputy Executive Director of CREC (Capitol Regional Education Council).  She also serves on a task force created in 2013 by the State Legislature to identify opportunities to offer relief to public schools from mandates that may be negatively affecting their ability to provide the best possible education to students.
We learned a lot!!!  WATCH NOW!

How do Connecticut's financial problems affect the future of public education?  Watch the 2013 winner of "Friend of the Gifted" award report on the Legislative Session!
In this very special "About Town" interview Senator Toni Boucher tells us the latest about legislative matters that affect all of us.  Special focus is given to the relationship between Connecticut's budget problems and education. 
Don't miss the very special insights she provides.  WATCH NOW!!!

Amy Kalafa serves on the Town Committee overseeing the future of one of the most beautiful properties in the beautiful Town of Weston, Connecticut.  Her exceptionally diverse and distinguished background also includes authoring of the book "Lunch Wars:  How to Start a School Food Revolution and Win the Battle for Our Children's Health"; creation of the documentary film "Two Angry Moms:  Fighting for the Health of America's Children"; and establishment of the related website www.angrymoms.org.   She has produced award winning films and television programs, and has written magazine articles related to health education for more than 25 years, and has been featured on Good Morning America, Rachael Ray, Fox News Live, and in USA Today and The New York Times.  Don't miss this very special interview!  WATCH NOW!

Dr. Floyd Lapp, F.A.I.C.P., is the Executive Director of the South Western Regional Planning Agency (SWRPA).  This program provides an informative look at current regional planning issues and activities, with special focus on Hurricane Sandy, and how good planning must address the effects of climate change.  WATCH NOW!

The Honorable Denise Merrill, Connecticut Secretary of the State, visits "About Town" to discuss what has gone on since she and the administration of Governor Malloy took the helm after the unfortunate voting travesty in Bridgeport on Election Day 2010.  Learn about how Secretary Merrill has responded with ideas that can make our democracy here in Connecticut work better!   WATCH NOW!!!

Vision and design in the built environment.
Distinguished architect Allen Swerdlowe, AIA (www.d7architects.com) serves as Chairman of the Building Committee and the School Building Committee of the Town of Weston, CT.  In this very special interview he presents valuable insights into Weston-specific issues, as well as into the important role that good architectural and urban design can play in both the educational process and in making cities and towns better places to live.  WATCH NOW!

Public Safety to the fore!
It has been three years since we previously spoke with the Chief of Police of the Town of Weston, John Troxell.  How have some important police initiatives gone since then, what is on deck, and what does the future hold for traffic, public safety, and community building in this small part of Connecticut?  How about pedestrian circulation initiatives?  Traffic signals?  WATCH NOW!

Guaranteed to liven up your winter!  Mystery, the drama of reality, PLUS endangered species!
"About Town" interviews author and journalist Jessica Speart.  Part 1 focuses on her career and how she became a writer of mystery novels.  This covers a fascinating journey from theatre and TV to environmental journalism to mystery writing!  Ms. Speart's protagonist, a Fish and Wildlife biologist, and essentially an alter-ego, saves endangered species.  In Part 2, Ms. Speart describes how her writing evolved to non-fiction and how her first book in this genre, "Winged Obsession," which will appear in print in April, not only explores a fascinating criminal subject as the central figure, but delves into the intrigues of international derring-do!
  All of which puts us in the mood to challenge a snowy winter with a good read!  WATCH PART 1 and WATCH PART 2

Leadership in tough times
How to keep the "ship of state" afloat in these difficult economic times is perhaps the biggest challenge for Hon. Gayle M. Weinstein, First Selectman of Weston.  Perhaps equally as significant is the need to respect and listen to all voices, and permit the greatest possible number of Westonites to have a say in government.  WATCH NOW!

WE'VE GOT A NEW PLAN!  How is implementation going?

The Town of Weston, Connecticut has just completed the once per decade update of its Plan of Conservation and Development, as mandated by Connecticut state law.  We are privileged to present this valuable interview with Stephan Grozinger, Esq., chairman of Weston's Planning & Zoning Commission, who tells us all about the process and its results!   WATCH NOW!

GET TO KNOW THE WESTON WESTPORT HEALTH DISTRICT!  As the eighth year of "About Town" interviews begins, a three-part series on our health gets underway.  The WWHD was one of the first groups we interviewed, just after September 11, 2001.  Eight years on, the role of the WWHD has expanded, and for some of its functions, the District's borders have widened!  Learn about H1N1 flu, water quality, environmental health, emergency management, and many other topics that are fundamental to maintaining our health, our environment, and even the value of our homes! - GO TO LINKS and watch now!



"ABOUT TOWN" INTERVIEWS HON. ROB SIMMONS, CONGRESSMAN 2001-2007 AND CANDIDATE FOR U.S. SENATE 2010:  The Honorable Rob Simmons, who represented Connecticut's 2nd Congressional District in the United States House of Representatives from 2001 to 2007, is an especially distinguished guest.  Mr. Simmons was a candidate for the Republican nomination for United States Senator, in the 2010 election.  Learn more about Mr. Simmons' distinguished career of service to his state and country - Watch here!

The Honorable Woody Bliss, shown above at the left, served as Weston's First Selectman from 2001 to 2009, was a member of the Board of Selectmen for ten years, and served as chairman of Connecticut's South Western Region Metropolitan Planning Organization.  He chose not to seek re-election in November, 2009.  Watch an exceptional interview with him, in which he reflects on his years of service, and provides valuable insight into the issues facing Weston.
Watch now!

Watch this two-part interview with Westonite Jim Lomuscio, shown above second from left, who draws on his distinguished career as a non-fiction author, journalist, editor, and teacher, to provide us with truly unique insights into the field of writing, and the state of journalism today.  Mr. Lomuscio's books include "Village of the Dammed:  The Fight for Open Space and the Flooding of a Connecticut Town" (finalist for the 2006 Connecticut Book Award in Nonfiction), and the McGraw Hill college writing textbook "Writing with Your Head & Your Heart:  Balancing Logic and Emotion to Create Powerful Nonfiction."  He currently serves as Full Time Professor of Writing in the Department of Writing, Linguistics, and Creative Process, at Western Connecticut State University.  Watch now!

Keeping educational costs down and standards up isn't easy in 2010!  Find out about how Weston's public school system achieves a balance between continuously improving educational excellence and fiscal responsibility, from our Superintendent of Schools and from the school system's Director of Finance & Operations.  Watch now!  And for their informative rundown on the previous year's budget preparation process, Watch now!

CT State Senator Toni Boucher (R-26th) provides important insight, perspective, and wisdom concerning the major issues facing Connecticut residents in these challenging times.  Watch "About Town" on YouTube here!

One of our best interviews yet!!!  Weston's new Police Chief, John Troxell, gives us a rundown on traffic control planning, safety measures for all forms of vehicles, and the outlook for “street life” or pedestrian-friendly improvements for 21st century Weston, among many other interesting things! - Watch now!

Director of Public Works for the Town of Weston, Joe Lametta, brings us up-to-date on the responsibilities of DPW as we update the Town Plan!

A wonderful lecture concerning Art and Painting, by a noted authority and a really great teacher!  See David Dunlop (website www.daviddunlop.com) discussing "New Materials, New Patterns, New Histories:  The Future for Painting."  This lecture was presented on March 1, 2009, at the Silvermine School of Art, of the Silvermine Guild Arts Center, New Canaan, CT:

    If you are using a cable or dsl connection, click here:  http://www.aboutweston.com/Silvermine-Dunlop3-1-09CableVersion.wmv   (File size is 208 megaBytes; the lecture comprises 1 hour 39 minutes)
    If you are using a dial-up modem connection, click here:  http://www.aboutweston.com/Silvermine-Dunlop3-1-09ModemVersion.wmv   (File size is 37 megaBytes; the lecture comprises 1 hour 39 minutes)

Nichole Peyreigne, Mezzo-Soprano, and Grace Heaphy, Pianist, are two extraordinary young talents in the field of classical music.  Watch them perform in a very special concert to benefit pediatric brain tumor research via the Making Headway Foundation, to help support the research of distinguished neuro-oncologist Dr. Jeffrey Allen of NYU Medical Center.  Watch now!

"ABOUT TOWN" interviews Dr. Jeana Wirtenberg, Director of External Relations and Services at the Institute for Sustainable Enterprise of Fairleigh Dickinson University: In this very special two-part edition of "About Town," a leading authority tells us all about Enterprise Sustainability, and how corporations can and in some cases are implementing "win-win-win" strategies that are good for the environment, for society, and for themselves.--Watch now!

MAGIC!  So you want to learn to make some?
Watch now!  Also, see "Art Through A Poet's Eye," featuring Adele Kamp, as well as all three parts of the Weston High School tour: click here!

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Link to online calculator:  http://www.online-calculator.com/
Weston CT weather:  http://www.accuweather.com/en/us/weston-ct/06883/daily-weather-forecast/2208569
Time & date:  http://www.timeanddate.com/


The bridge on Godfrey Road is now OPEN and had speed "pizza box" set out east-west this week...

UPDATE:  Story about the Rte 7 as a detour (has to be a joke) - but no, just the fact that CTDOT does not have the power to order a detour sign on Town roads - YET - will this be in a future IMPLEMENTER?


As described by the CT DOT in 2014...for the Cobb's Mill Bridge.

Weston CT:  Sign up for CODE REDhttps://cne.coderedweb.com/Default.aspx?groupid=jI5CO7wxm3%2bOw87gZfcjaA%3d%3d

Check to see where CT power outages are:  Customer out of power by town...