Household Hazardous Waste Collection
total participating:  256 cars of which appox. 150 were from Weston.  We arrived late to get the numbers!
April 26th event over! It rained heavily at the start, and then continued most of the morning, so the waste products were dealt with inside (concrete floor) at a couple of DPW bays.  The chemical part of the operation went on with extra protection mats on the floor. NOTE:  As the DPW garage, we note that oil changes are probably done in this room ordinarily...

Good Riddance Day 2013 was Saturday, April 27, 2013 at DPW on Old Hyde Road, 8:30am to 12:30pm.  A gorgeous day!

2013 - HOW DID IT GO?  The folks who ran the event with DPW were having a great time in the beautiful weather!   Of course, this worker was far away from fumes!!!  Since we did not come at the very end, we can't tell you the final number.  However, an estimate provided by DPW with about an hour more to go (around 11:30am) indicated that so far 150 (approx.) Westonites had attended and about 100 from the other 7 towns in SWRPA (it was available to the 8 towns in the M.P.O./SWRPA region).  If this estimate was accurate (done on the fly) what it shows is that Westonites came out in force and our neighboring towns found out how to find Old Hyde Road!

VERY ORGANIZED.  This Westchester-based group unloaded quickly from cars and keeps traffic moving - like "retail" approach.  In previous years, other organizations have come from further away (Massachusetts, for example) and did both initial sorting and some final packing on the spot during hours of actual drop off.  The sorting this year and last, IIRC, is done without the presence of a major "big rig" truck by more people at once.

This year there were many workers and super efficient loaders and sorters!  Excellent job!  Not official because it wasn't at the end of the event:  Percentage of out of towners up this year.

NOTE:  "Shredding Day" Saturday MAY 11 from 9am to 12 noon at DPW FOR WESTON RESIDENTS ONLY.

"GOOD RIDDANCE DAY 2012"  Saturday, April 28th, 8:30am - 12:30pm, over now;  Big turnout, lots of sorting left to do!!!
Over in Weston - Full Schedule regional Household Hazardous Waste Collections   - see other opportunities this spring/summer and in the fall of 2012!

Turnout included more out of town cars than usual - not official number, estimated...184 before 12 noon.  "What to bring" (and what most people brought [below]): 


In Weston Saturday, April 23, 2011, 8:30am-12:30pm at the Department  of Public Works, 78 Old Hyde Road.  Any long waits? 
What to bring and how to pack if you plan to attend any of the HHW DAYS...Where to find another opportunity to safely dispose of household hazardous waste products this year, since it was school vacation again...photo at @11:30am (r)


'GOOD RIDDANCE DAY' APRIL 24, 2010 AT D.P.W. 8:30am to 12:30pm
This is a regional event, and the opening one in the 2010 series - City Carting and Care Environmental Corps in charge along with staff of DPW.
Start gathering your household hazardous waste products NOW...and we did!!!  Lower turnout (170 plus cars by 12:15pm) because it was scheduled for school vacation week.  If you missed it, there are more opportunities this year:  http://www.westonct.gov/media/file/HazardousWasteSchedule20102.pdf

" G O O D   R I D D A N C E   D A Y  " APRIL 25, 2009 got @250 cars, 90% from Weston (est.)!
We have a few different views, in addition to this sub-page, of household hazardous waste collections, here and here...

Household Hazardous Waste Collection at DPW
Weston will 'green up' Saturday    
Weston Forum
Written by Kimberly Donnelly  
Wednesday, April 22, 2009 (from the web today)

Mother Nature has begun doing her part to “green up” the town, and so, too, will Westonites this weekend.

Good Riddance Day (househould hazardous waste collection) and the 37th annual Green Up Day, a communitywide town clean-up, are this Saturday, April 25, rain or shine.
Kick-off for Green Up Day is at 9:45 a.m. at Norfield Congregational Church. Collection bags and routing instructions will be issued by the Kiwanis Club of Weston, which has been coordinating Green Up Day since the death of the event’s founder, Millie Best, in 2004.

Ms. Best’s enduring commitment to the environment led her to establish Green Up Day in Weston nearly four decades ago. It was to be one day in late April when the community came together to pick up trash from the town’s roadsides.

What started as a Weston tradition became a statewide event when, in 1995, the governor of Connecticut declared the last Saturday of April to be Green Up Day.

This year, more than 200 youths and adult volunteers are expected to participate in Weston alone, including members of the Kiwanis Club, the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, and the town’s Garden Club.

All Westonites are encouraged to chip in. Neighborhoods or streets may organize roadside cleanups, or individuals may simply spend a few minutes picking up trash or debris near their homes.

Good Riddance Day

For those who are doing some spring cleaning inside their houses, coinciding with Green-Up Day is the townwide Good Riddance Day, a household hazardous waste collection from 8:30 to 12:30 at the Department of Public Works garage on Old Hyde Road.

There is no charge for participation, but proof of residency will be required.

Many household items contain hazardous substances that pose health and environmental risks. Improper disposal of certain household toxins can contaminate well water, because unlike solids and bacteria, these chemicals cannot be removed by the earth’s natural filtering process.

During Good Riddance Day, hazardous waste is sorted by category, properly packed by a licensed hauler, and disposed of properly; hauling and disposal of these wastes are regulated by the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).


Among the items that will be accepted during Good Riddance Day are acids, aerosols, antifreeze, disinfectants, drain openers, flea powder, gasoline, transmission fluid, batteries, kerosene, oven cleaner, oil-based paint, paint remover, paint thinner, stain, turpentine, varnish, photo chemicals, rust and spot removers, and swimming pool chemicals.

Mercury thermometers may be exchanged for non-mercury ones.

Motor oil and car batteries may be brought to the Weston transfer station and left with the regular attendant.

Not OK

Items that will not be accepted during hazardous waste collection are latex paints; smoke detectors; pesticides containing dioxin, 2,4,5T and its derivatives; etiologicals, kepone; pentachlorophenol; explosives; gas cylinders; pathologicals; PCBs; radioactive materials; infectious materials; and shock-sensitive materials.

A trained chemist will be on hand during the waste collection to answer questions and advise what to do with items that cannot be accepted.

The Weston public works facility is on Old Hyde Road between Lord’s Highway and Steephill Road.

For more information on Good Riddance Day, call 222-2656.

"Good Riddance" to noxious household items, Weston Household Hazardous Waste Collection 2008 now history!

Did you miss it?  Here is the full schedule for the rest of the year, with October 4, 2008 from 9am to 2pm at the Westport-Weston Health District, 180 Bayberry Lane, Westport and October 25, 2008 at the Middlebrook School, 131 School Road, Wilton, from 8:30am to 3pm popular venues for Westonites, too!

The rain held off and the sun eventually came out as more than 200 cars made their way thru the gauntlet in almost no time (at least when "About Town" was dropping off stuff) @11:30am.  The final breakdown will be posted here, but it was reported that nothing unusual had surfaced this year, just the usual items!  But they were ready for a crowd (and if a comparison with previous years is valid, 2008 was shaping up to be a normal year  with an hour remaining)!

Weston hosted the first in the 2007 series...
Unofficial report...we brought nickel-cadmium and lithium batteries in a small box, which were deemed hazardous.
Not a beautiful day for Household Hazardous Waste Collection April 28, 2007 - but it wasn't raining, it just threatened!

NOT FINAL OR OFFICIAL NUMBERS...and the brand taste of Westonites has changed!
@ 12 noon, 205 cars, mostly Westonites, who brought paints, pesticides and other usual product
s.   It was interesting, but the line was just around the corner from the two-bay deposit area when we first drove in.  By the time we made it around the corner of the DPW building, the line was as it appears below, right.  It seemed like a steady flow.  Now, if you missed  this event in Weston, there will be others in the Spring and Fall around the region - click here for the schedule: http://www.westonct.gov/media/file/HazardousWasteDays2007.pdf

This was a very efficient crew, with numbers for us on the spot - DPW employees played a big part in keeping the line moving!

Fair weather for "Good Riddance Day 2006" (Regional Household Hazardous Waste) Collection!  See what Westport got this Fall of 2006  (in line with political acrimony over 4th  Congressional District race...)

Onion Barn announcement in advance, plus "poison green flyer" sent out to all residents by the Town of Weston brought more than 210 by 11:20am to D.P.W. on Old Hyde Road...FORUM reported 240 cars by the end...

where DPW employees greeted all comers, popped trunks to give a preliminary check (perhaps sending those who only brought latex paint to the transfer station);  at the time "About Town" arrived there was a brief wait;  by the end of the line a D.P.W. employee stands guard...

cars taken two at a time;  "still life" of household hazardous waste items (r.).

Regional Household Hazardous Waste Collection 2005 - Total @240 cars!

It rained, but tht didn't keep people away!!!  With 180 cars counted by 11am (estimate from Clean Harbors representative on site), and another 90 minutes to go, we were going for a record...will be close to our pace of last year (270 cars on a perfect, sunny Saturday in April)?  Click here for previous year reports.  Did you miss it?  Click here for a list of future events out of town...


Onion Barn sign announced event to all, and Town of Weston mailing ("poison green" flyer) went out the week before...

Clean Harbors crew does their thing, and forklift helps out!!!  When finished (some hours after the official closing time of 12:30pm), materials will have been sorted by chemists (one shown in yellow apron, another in blue slicker--guys in white are also qualified specialists in chemical science).