Kohl's Department Stores said Monday it is bringing its West Coast experiment with solar power to three Connecticut stores.

The retailer said it started in January to convert stores in New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland following the successful rollout of solar panel technology at 25 of its 88 California stores last year.

There are 17 Kohl's in Connecticut; the Orange, Manchester and Rocky Hill stores will have the panels, according to company spokeswoman Mary Ann Campbell.

Kohl's, which also has stores in Fairfield, Norwalk, Ridgefield and Trumbull, did not disclose why it chose the particular stores.

Kohl's received three Connecticut Clean Energy Fund grants to defray the cost of the installation of the solar panels at their Connecticut sites. The amount of those grants was not disclosed.

Shares of Kohl's rose $1.33 to close at $49.07 on Monday trading on the New York Stock Exchange.

Kohl's is on a growing list of companies that have installed or are planning to attach solar arrays to their buildings.

Emily Smith, a CCEF spokeswoman, said 72 businesses have won grant approvals to install solar panels. Many have already added the technology, she said, and if all are built, including the 513 residential and small-business projects, the state could have 11,400 megawatts of solar-power-generated electricity available. One megawatt can generally power 750 to 1,000 homes, according to industry standards.