P A Y R O L L    C O M M I S S I O N
Created in the 2019 Long Session's "Implementer"

Fast forward to Sec. 385.  (HINT:  Start at the end.)
This is one way to go about restructuring the tax system.

I noticed this bill, and assumed this precise thing would happen:  https://www.cga.ct.gov/2019/TOB/s/pdf/2019SB-01143-R00-SB.PDF


Link on the left, above, to bill that didn't get to the floor - it had a public hearing;  Last section of Implementer - Sec. 385 (right).

First Meeting:

Sen. Fonfara, Rep. Rojas, Co-Chairs.  Commissioner Jackson, Rep. Davis, Sen. Witkos;  O.P.M. Secretary not present, but sent a representative. Also, Katey Roy, CT School Finance Project.  

Very enlightening.  In the sense that it is a bit of sleeper that we missed in the Implementer.  But we are perhaps correct in thinking that other legislation creating a task force including A.C.I.R. under-cut school reorganization ideas.

Making another avenue for the C.S.F.P. research outside its familiar area to be employed.  We watched it live July 31st.  Twice. 

JMO - this may not have legs because it is so complicated.  Plus, Commissioner covers his back - data from SALT impact won't be available until next year.