What will the new Board of Selectmen think about this idea?
" C E N T R A L I T Y "   I S    T H E    W O R D   -    A N D    I T    H A S    A L W A Y S    B E E N   T H A T    W A Y

2016 AND FORWARD:  As the State of Connecticut runs out of money, question: Where will it get funds? 

At P&Z September 5, 2018
We heard about Center improvements Part One.  And a bit of Part Two involving drainage mandated by MS4, while manager came to get approval (received with conditions) for paving.

W E S T O N   C E N T E R

ZBA approves 5-0; Ace Tire and Auto guys;   Glenn Van Deusen elected new Chair.

Ace Tire and Auto Center of Weston staff on hand at Zoning Board of Appeals to answer questions and seek approval of technical changes from Z.B.A. 

After answering Appeals Board members’ questions covering issues related to what changes were being made, the unanimous 5-0 vote was taken.  Information had been given regarding the tank removal going on (not part of this application) as well as whether any changes to the building other than interior improvements were being made. 

First, the tanks were scheduled for replacement according to state code and the interior (originally from the1950’s) was modernized.  Emissions testing (center photo, right) will be handled too.  Answering other questions, Ace Auto reps noted that big jobs would be done at the Ridgefield facility, and that two “loaner” cars would be available at the Weston Center site. 


On the first page of the Guide, you will note that there are a few folks still around town who worked on this document...
The pieces fit together!  Thanks to the Board of Selectmen!  While the Weston Water Resources Guide has a focus on groundwater, it also addresses somewhat tangentially, surface water pollution indicators*.

Congratulations - the open approach to government favored in this administration is awesome!  We can say that we have figured out what is going on - maybe!

The storm water plans discussed at their Nov. 16 special meeting at the end, we think, provided that answer!  Prior to that all we knew was from observing WestCOG and before that participating on SWRPA.


*The interrelationship between surface water and groundwater described here:  https://pubs.usgs.gov/circ/circ1139/pdf/circ1139.pdf

"Under Construction" of the new W.I.S.;  "Front Porch," "Greensward," "Aerial Norfield," "Town Hall Roof" watercolors by Margaret Wirtenberg. Auditorium construction by WestonArts and the Town.   WATCH OUT WESTON


NOTE:  In most recent State Plan draft, the "rural" category does not exist, and after Adam Lanza, Newtown, how to integrate town and school activities is up in the air...behind closed doors.

Weston shown on a prior State of Connecticut's Plans of Conservation and Development forever as a "rural community center."  Can you color in the features mentioned below on the blank map of this area?  Or check out our map of this area, not yet complete or verified.  Color code or "Legend" to the "Existing Land Use Map" of this neighborhood - click here.


Developments in the central part of Weston are dramatic!  A tertiary treatment plant for the school expansion is functioning for that use, located on School Road.

Almost every type of land use has been intensified.  The formerly mostly passive Bisceglie-Scribner Park is a place for active recreation now on its southern section (still undeveloped on its north).  "Weston Parks" community group spearheaded a redo of the swimming/play area - the Town's "swimming hole" in Bisceglie.  The School Road campus is now fully developed, including a separate building for Central Offices, as a result of the school construction project  just about completed.

Town Hall roof fixed.  Board of Education headquarters annex now includes the "Town Hall Annex" - home to the land use and building related offices and permits issued by town staff.  The Weston Public Library; main firehouse; shopping at Weston Center ; and the recently spot-patched Onion Barn are all here.  Have we left any other non-residential use out?

"Speak Up 2007" revealed the Town of Weston's plan for combining a new roof for the old section of Weston High School with the first redo of the auditorium (in 40 years); 

"Speak Up 2008" had a late-in-the-day focus on Revson, and the full event streams on the LWV of Weston website.


Cable/DSL version:



Length:  1 hour 41 minutes 32 seconds

Photos @1999, from our files. 

Heading north on Weston Road, Route 57/53, past Weston Center near the Bus Garage...driver dies in car-utility pole crash.

In Weston Center: Carjackings end in fatal crash, driver identified
Weston FORUM
Written by Patricia Gay
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 11:27

A man who allegedly carjacked two women at knifepoint in Norwalk and Westport, was killed after the stolen car he was driving crashed into a utility pole on Weston Road on Tuesday, Aug. 25...story in full at the Weston FORUM.

Westport Carjacking Suspect Dies in Weston Crash
Posted 08/25 at 12:52 PM

UPDATE A fast-moving police chase that began with a knifepoint carjacking in Norwalk and involved several crashes and another carjacking in Westport ended today with the suspect being killed after smashing into several utility poles in Weston, police said.WestportNow.com Image
Police investigate today’s carjacking crime spree after the suspect’s crashed in Weston...story in full at WestportNow.

Carjacker leads police on three town chase ending in his death
Norwalk HOUR
August 26, 2009

A man suspected in two attempted home invasions allegedly carjacked two vehicles at knifepoint Tuesday and led police on a wild three-town chase that ended abruptly with his fatal crash into utility poles in Weston...story in full at Norwalk HOUR.

Channel 12 was on the scene...there was a report online.
Traffic Update: Weston Road is now open to one lane traffic
Weston FORUM
Written by Patricia Gay
Wednesday, 26 August 2009 06:46
Update: 8/26/09, 6:48 a.m.

According to the Weston Communication Center, Weston Road/Route 57 running through the center of Weston is now open to one lane traffic. Expect delays...story in full at Channel 12.

Carjackings end in crash: Fatal accident in Weston closes road, knocks out transformer
Weston FORUM
Written by Patricia Gay
Tuesday, 25 August 2009 17:31

STORY UPDATED: 8/25/09 at 5:35 p.m.

A man who allegedly carjacked two women at knifepoint was killed after the stolen car he was driving crashed into a utility pole on Weston Road this morning, Tuesday, Aug. 25.

The accident is expected to close the main road through town for nearly 24 hours and has reportedly disrupted power, cable, and phone service to some areas of town.  According to Weston Police Chief John Troxell, around 10:06 a.m. on Tuesday, Aug. 25, an unidentified white male, who appeared to be in his 20s, was driving a Volvo SUV northbound on Route 57 (Weston Road) at a high rate of speed when he crashed into a utility pole near the school bus depot at the intersection of School Road...story in full at Weston FORUM.

On time, on budget: Auditorium project gets scrutiny as summer vacation ends '08.  Rigging, stage an abstract expression!

Special Town Meeting on June 11, 2008 approves additional funding for Weston High School Auditorium redo.
Weston auditorium off-limits, but on schedule       
Weston FORUM
Written by Kimberly Donnelly    
Thursday, August 28, 2008 

It may be opening day for Weston schools, but not so for the Weston High School auditorium.
The auditorium is undergoing renovation and is off limits to students, but work is proceeding on schedule with no major problems.

“So far so good. Everything is on track,” said Joe Fitzpatrick, chairman of the building committee, earlier this week. “We’ve been lucky we’ve had no major headaches...”  story in full at Weston FORUM.

Stage is set for new Weston High School auditorium       
Weston FORUM
Written by Kimberly Donnelly    
Friday, August 08, 2008
The lights are dark and the stage is bare at the Weston High School auditorium. That’s normal for this time of year; what’s not normal is the fact that there are also no seats, no curtain, no floor tiles or carpet, no walls in some places, and lots and lots of dust...story in full Weston FORUM.

"Through the Roof" - watercolor by Margaret Wirtenberg

Board of Selectmen votes to permit First Selectman to move forward on the Town Hall Roof project at August 7, 2008 regular meeting.  Although they were not happy about having to comply with the Historic District Commission requirement that slate be replaced only with slate, where it had been used originally, no further bids had been solicited because of the price increases in all materials in the market lately - the original bid was thought to be the best one they would get at this point.  Also, it was noted that further delay would make it unlikely to get the roof replaced until next year. 

Weston Town Hall roof request denied again       
Weston FORUM
Written by Brian Gioiele    
Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Local leaders received a second bite at the apple, but the sour taste remained the same.  The Historic District on Wednesday, July 2, denied a certificate of appropriateness for the Board of Selectmen’s request to replace the present slate roof on the original section of Weston Town Hall with asphalt shingles.

This was the second such denial, with the selectmen first appearing in May seeking the same certificate.  Receiving the approval would have allowed the town to save an estimated $179,000 in the overall cost of the roof replacement.

“We’re in charge of making sure that our grandkids see it the way it was,” said commission member Chris Kimberly, an alternate. “In the short run, anything flies, but 100 years down the road, we want to be able to see what the town hall looked like.”

The application required the commission’s approval since the town hall sits in a historic district. In rendering its ruling, the commission cannot consider cost...story in full Weston FORUM.

Town hall roof: Weston continues quest for Historic District approval       
Weston FORUM
Written by Kimberly Donnelly    
Thursday, 12 June 2008 10:27 

The Board of Selectmen is trying to gather enough information to submit a new application to the Historic District Commission, asking it — again — to allow the use of asphalt shingles instead of slate when replacing the roof at Weston Town Hall.

The town is looking into different manufacturers to see if it can find asphalt shingles that are less expensive than slate but that are just as visually pleasing.  Because the town hall is located in the Norfield Historic District, it must apply to the Historic District Commission in order to make any changes to the materials used when replacing the roof.  An application from the town requesting the use of less expensive asphalt shingles was heard by the commission — and denied — on May 7...story in full at Weston FORUM.

Weston Town Hall roof:  Slate debate continues
Weston FORUM
by Kimberly Donnelly
May 28, 2008

The Board of Selectmen is hoping history won’t repeat itself...story in full at Weston FORUM.

Weston Town Hall roof;  Bids higher than engineer’s estimate
Weston FORUM
by Kimberly Donnelly
Apr 10, 2008

Bids for replacing the roof at Weston Town Hall have come in well above the engineer’s estimate for the work.  Two bids were received by the town and were opened Monday, April 7...story in full at Weston FORUM.


This map was put together using Town of Weston tax maps - cutting and pasting!

American history quiz:  What tune did the British pipers play at Yorktown in defeat?  Ans. - "The World Turned Upside Down."

Can you locate the structures shown on this page on the blank map below?  Here is a hint:  "north" to the left on the blank map below--"north" to the top on the other map.  Check out our first crack at the central part of town land use 2008!


Scale:  approximately 1" =  600'

Please remember, this is not official information.  Simple land use categories for Weston, (l), complex Weston-oriented land use categories (r)...


Please note that it is always possible to vary the different colors by shade - for example, pale yellow for lower density,  ochre for multi-family, etc.  At right, Weston land use categories 2008: included are classification for under -2-acre lots (non-conforming) as well as three different classes of roads in the Central Part of Town..

Town employees settle into 'mods'
Norwalk HOUR
Jeremy Soulliere
November 20, 2007

A number of Weston's municipal employees have been on the move in recent weeks, shifting to what was once vacant office space on the grounds of the town's schools.

The employees — who include planning and zoning, building and social service workers, among others — are in the process of relocating from a variety of town locations to the Kinderland building next to the school's administrative offices on School Road.

The modular facility once housed kindergarten classes before the schools underwent renovations a few years ago, and only a portion of the space was being used by school administrators, said First Selectman Woody Bliss.

The modular offices offer more space to Weston employees who were working in cramped and inadequate conditions, he said, and they will help consolidate the town's work force, which had been scattered in a number of locations in town.

"We had people in all kinds of places, and they were crowded into overloaded spaces," said Bliss, who noted that some employees were working out of the library, some out of a trailer next to town hall, and some in a less than ideal space in the basement of the town hall, among other locations.

The move, which should be completed sometime next month, is only a temporary solution, however, he said, as town officials decide on a more permanent one.
There has been some discussion about either expanding town hall or building a new police station to free up some space at town hall, Bliss said, but the matter needs to be further studied and decided upon.

Beyond the town's planning and zoning, building and social services workers, he said, the Kinderland facility will also now be the temporary home for Town Engineer John Conte, Fire Marshal John Pokorny and Conservation Planner Fred Anderson.

The Parks and Recreation Department, which had been working out of a trailer next to the Town Hall, will soon be moving into the recently vacated Jarvis House across the road, Bliss said, where Conte, Anderson and others who have moved to the Kinderland facility were once housed.

With some employees moving out of town hall, there will also be some office shifts there, he said, and some of the spaces will be reconfigured.

Tom Landry, Weston's town administrator, said one of the intentions of the move was to have employees from similar departments working in close proximity, so residents seeking help from the town's land use departments or social service departments needed to make only one stop.

"We put departments together that were like departments," he said...story in full at Norwalk HOUR.

May 2010, and the Shopping Center is in for review of its latest modification to the interior of one of the major buildings - these modifications should be not increasing the zoning incompatibility - P&Z review for zoning permit.  The part being changed below:

Blow ups of interior proposal for electrical power in building one (hardware store, real estate/insurance, liquor store)

Blow up below of specific change to hardware space.

Below please find the official site plan for Weston Center, filed January 23, 2006.  Building project in rear of Peter's, Spring '07 not shown!