Happy 50th Birthday, Weston Public Library!

The Central Part of Town in pictures*  - Q&A, with some links.

CHECK OUT THE LUNCH BOX REDO, 2008...and now in 2014!
Above is a simplified land use map of the Central Part of Town.  North is to the left.  The gazebo in Spring...and the entry to Town Hall.  Improvements to the Center according, we assume, to plan"Good Riddance Day" schedule in neighboring towns (ours drew 200 plus cars Saturday, April 26, 2008 with an hour more to go!) - electonics, etc info and more.
blue= "public-semi-public"
green="parks and open space"

A l l    t h e    n e w s    t h a t    f i t s ,    w e   p r i n t . . . O N L Y   a t    P e t e r ' s    M a r k e t    i n    W e s t o n     C e n t e r

ABOUT TOWN: Get ready
Weston FORUM
By Margaret Wirtenberg on August 21, 2014

...Lunch Box returns

Some things can mature and even improve with age.

Welcome, the new Lunch Box! And what an excellent and natural development it is, too. I have to admit that I don’t go there every day as I did up until a few years ago. But I continue to very much enjoy my weekend breakfasts there with friends. How shall I describe the new Lunch Box?

In terms of size it is just like the Lunch Box that resulted from the expansion effort that was undertaken in 2008, but with a complementary color scheme and classic and classy design befitting a fine restaurant — which, actually, it is trying to be. And at this early stage in its existence it certainly appears to me to be succeeding.

In the couple of months or so that it took to present this new face, the Lunch Box’s temporary absence forced many of us to find new haunts for breakfast. I tried The Blue Bird in Easton and Orem’s in Wilton, but now that the L.B. is up and running, they’ve got my business back!

We are lucky in Weston to have two spectacular places to eat. First, of course, is Cobb’s Mill Inn. Nobody can beat Cobb’s Mill for atmosphere and spectacular views, assuming one likes picturesque rural landscapes. I’ve celebrated any number of important family events there, and it has always been my “go-to” spot for important occasions in my life.

And now we have the Lunch Box, complete with working lunch boxes, an enormous blackboard and chalk, not one but two bathrooms, awesome omelets, delicious coffee, and much more, including remembrances of earlier times in Weston, in the form of historic black and white photos that have been retained from the previous L.B. incarnation.

You know, I don’t think we’ve changed that much, nor has the meaning of the Lunch Box to all of us.

We're not giving any hints, but if you don't know what the pictures above are, you are not a true, full-time Westonite.  Can you see the Tower?  Below see the first site plan ever filed for Weston Center (a pre-existing, non-conforming use - as soon as it appeared, Westonites discovered Zoning - first regulations in 1950 (zoning regulations on line or at Town Hall [r.])...

Seasons of the Weston Onion Barn - "Good Riddance Day", summertime "Just Ice" and community events such as "Speak Up..." and HHW Day 2014.

Lemonade stands to raise money in Weston
Weston FORUM
By Kimberly Donnelly on April 11, 2014

At its meeting Thursday, April 3, the Weston Board of Selectmen agreed to allow the Robin Hood Foundation to set up lemonade stands on various town properties for one day as a fund-raiser. The foundation is a nonprofit organization that targets poverty in New York City by making donations to 200 poverty-fighting organizations.

Jenny Pastor of Weston has worked with the Robin Hood Foundation and wanted to bring the lemonade stand event to Weston. There are already more than 40 Weston families and more than 140 in Westport committed to manning the stands in their respective towns throughout the day.

“It’s a warm and lovely family event” and it “helps create future philanthropists,” Ms. Pastor said.

The foundation needed town approval to set up stands at Morehouse Farm Park, Bisceglie-Scribner Park, and in front of the library. It will also be asking the school board for permission to have a stand at the Hurlbutt baseball field that day.

First Selectman Gayle Weinstein said there is nothing in town regulations that prohibits her from allowing nonprofits to raise money on town property. But, she said, because this may be seen as a precedent-setting policy, she wanted to bring it to the full board for review.

Selectman David Muller said he didn’t have a problem OK’ing the practice as long as it is regulated through an approval process and as long as there is not “philanthropy overload.” He suggested limiting these types of activities to once a month.

Selectman Dennis Tracey agreed, but added that the first selectman should be able to approve or reject requests in the future without having to bring them all to the board first.

The foundation will need to get the proper permits for the stands and will assume all liability.

The stands are scheduled to be set up Saturday, May 31, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The rain date in Sunday, June 1.

Weston Onion Barn is closed for now

Weston FORUM
Written by Patricia Gay
Thursday, 03 May 2012 00:00

Residents are being advised not to drop off cans and bottles — or anything else — at the Onion Barn in the center of town.

Due to structural issues with the barn, it is not currently being used by the Weston High School Boosters for can and bottle recycling collections (see related letter on page 4A).

Town Administrator Tom Landry said it came to his attention in December that there were structural issues with the Onion Barn's roof, siding and support beams. After an inspection by the town's building inspector Rack Gleason, Mr. Landry said a decision was made not to let people inside it until the building is repaired.

The Onion Barn was originally built in 1830 and was used to store Weston's bumper crop — onions. Over the years, the Onion Barn has primarily been used as a bulletin board, with banners and signs posted about town events and activities.

For the past 15 years, the Boosters have been using it to store and collect recyclables as a fund-raiser.

Mr. Landry said the existing structure has had many repairs and replacements done to it over time. "The roof, siding and floor are not original. About six or seven years ago, the building was listing on one side, and the town did some internal cabling to pull it back into shape," he said.

He noted that the aging structure needs "a lot of TLC." He said the foundation is stone on stone with no mortar, and because of that, the stones have become dislodged and the structure is beginning to sag. Rain water and ground water are causing rot and are also promoting sagging.

Because of the building's shaky condition, Mr. Landry said Mr. Gleason told him he was surprised it had survived the winter. "The barn needs more than simple cosmetic work. It needs a new roof and new siding at least," Mr. Landry said.

He has gotten one estimate of around $20,000 for repairs. The selectmen have not made any decisions yet about the future of the Onion Barn and repairs for it were not included in the 2012-13 budget.

In addition, any work done to the Onion Barn will need the approval of the Historic District Commission because the barn is located in an historic zone, Mr. Landry said.

The Boosters have temporarily suspended their can and bottle recycling collections and will let the public know when it has made new plans.

Minute Men Cleaners is coming to Weston
Weston FORUM
Written by Patricia Gay
Thursday, 23 December 2010 00:00

Minute Men Cleaners, a full service dry-cleaning business, is scheduled to open soon in the Weston Shopping Center.

It will be located in a space next to the Weston Hardware Store.

Josh Tolk, property manager for the center, said the anticipated opening date is March 1, 2011.

The center has been without a dry cleaner since 2006, when the Weston Valet business closed its doors.

Peter’s Market took over the space formerly occupied by Weston Valet for an expansion. Minute Men will be taking over a portion of the space currently occupied by the hardware store.

Minute Men is a family-owned business run by brothers Ken and Jon Shepard. It has operations in Westport, Trumbull, Greenwich and the Huntington section of Shelton.

Services offered in Weston will include dry cleaning, shirt laundering, and tailoring, Mr. Tolk said. All dry cleaning and laundering will be done off premises, while the tailor will be available on site, Mr. Tolk said.

May 2, 2014 declared "Dante and Barbara Zacavish Day" in Weston


We checked out the new Lunch Box this morning.  Every detail is awesome and just perfect - from the:

Weston couple is buying the Lunch Box
By Patricia Gay on April 23, 2014

In just a couple of weeks, a Weston couple with two young daughters will be the new owners of the Lunch Box in Weston Center.

In an exclusive interview with The Forum, Jessica and Josh Tolk said they are planning to purchase the popular Weston eatery from longtime owners Dante and Barbara Zacavish and have a closing scheduled for April 30.

They plan to close the Lunch Box on May 1 to begin renovations, and plan to re-open it at the beginning of June.

The Tolks, who have lived in Weston since 2007, said they plan to run the restaurant on a 50/50 basis, with Ms. Tolk running the front of the house and the service end of the restaurant, and Mr. Tolk handling the back of the house and the kitchen.

Ms. Tolk, 38, has a background in finance and a teaching certificate. She taught math for 13 years in Boston, then in Bridgeport, and at Norwalk High School.

Mr. Tolk, 47, has his own property management business and is also the manager of Weston Center, where the Lunch Box is located. He attended the Lincoln Culinary Institute four years ago with the hope of someday opening his own restaurant with his wife.

That “someday” came this year, when Lunch Box owner Dante Zacavish approached Mr. Tolk and asked him if he would be interested in buying the Lunch Box.

“I’ve known Dante for 20 years and he’s a great guy. When I told him I was thinking about opening a restaurant in Black Rock, he said, ‘Josh, I think you should buy my place.’ So we did,” Mr. Tolk said.

Mr. Zacavish started the Lunch Box 37 years ago, when it was a hairdressing salon. He converted it into a restaurant known for its pizza, hamburger specials, and coffee. At 79, though, he said it was time to retire and move permanently to Florida, where he and his wife, Barbara, had been living several months of the year.


On May 1, the Tolks plan on renovating the Lunch Box space, adding counters and seats, banquettes, and a second bathroom that’s handicapped-accessible.

The restaurant currently has seating for 36, and that number won’t change, Mr. Tolk said.

They plan to keep wi-fi service at the restaurant and add music and possibly television at certain hours. “We’re not certain about television, we’re exploring that,” Mr. Tolk said. Power outlets will be added under the banquettes to allow customers to plug in their laptops.

Their plans also call for redoing the ceiling to add noise reduction features so it won’t be a loud environment in the restaurant.

The couple also plans to change the color scheme and add some kid-friendly features. “Our goal is to have a country cafe with a touch of an urban feel to it,” said Ms. Tolk.

The couple still plans to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Lunch Box, but there are some changes ahead for the menu. Mr. Zacavish’s pizza is remaining, but some new items will be added, such as specialty salads with homemade dressings and a variety of paninis. At night, they plan to offer grilled steak, pasta and seafood dishes as well.

In a major change, the couple plans on applying for a liquor license so they can serve wine and beer. “We want the Lunch Box to be family-friendly but with more adult options at night,” Ms. Tolk said.

The Tolks will continue to offer home delivery and takeout for busy families. “We’re listening to people,” Mr. Tolk said.

Thank you Laura, Faydana and Nedal
for your wonderful and caring table service!!!

Nedal (l) married since gaining citizenship and had a beautiful girl, Bellagia (c).


aking their OWN donuts (fabulous, light, and only @240 calories in one plain donut)!!!  BTW - thank you Dante for all the great pizzas!!!  And Barb's great taste!!!

O N E    S C O O P    O R    T W O ?   N E W    U . S .   C I T I Z E N    N I D A L    A N D    R E P.   S T R I P P   ( 2 0 0 9 ) ! ! !

E A R L Y    M O R N I N G   L I G H T . . .

E X C E L L E N T   F L O O R    P L A N !

S N A P S H O T S   O F    O L D   W E S T O N !
Note the floor treatment, GREAT terracotta wall-color, beautiful detailing and, no photo, l a r g e unisex, handicapped bathroom.  Smaller seating section for kids or those who would like to sit away from the "crowd" (or just closer to the ice cream bar?);  larger seating area on the other side...really, you have to stop in to see what a great job they have done here!!!

One of the original stores in the Center, owned and run by the same families for more than 50 years, closed its doors in 2007.  A very sad day for "About Town."

Note changes since 2006 when map at right was filed at Planning & Zoning.

Weston FORUM Breaking News photo (Jon will be going to Stop & Shop in Wilton Center working their pharmacy operation)...
Weston Pharmacy is closing Saturday

Apr 13, 2007

A fixture in the town for more than 30 years, the Weston Pharmacy in the Weston Shopping Center is closing its doors for good as of noon tomorrow, Saturday, April 14.
The closing came as a surprise to many who had no idea the pharmacy was going out of business.

“This is devastating. It’s like a death in the family,” said Jim Magee, owner of Peter’s Weston Market, another tenant in the shopping center.

Word of the closing started trickling out to the public in the past 48 hours.

“I just found out,” Lynn Pokorny, a longtime customer, said. “I can’t believe it. It’s the best pharmacy and provides a service the community really needs.”

The store was packed this afternoon as people lined up to pick up prescriptions, and buy perfume, greeting cards and other products that were on sale at 30% off.
Starting Sunday, April 15, prescriptions from the Weston Pharmacy will be transferred to the Stop & Shop supermarket’s pharmacy in Wilton center. Pharmacy hours are Monday through Friday 8 to 8, Saturday 9 to 5, and Sunday 9 to 3.

According to Stop & Shop’s pharmacist, Sadna Lassi, customers who want to transfer their prescriptions to another pharmacy may contact Stop & Shop at 834-9735 or have another pharmacy contact them directly.

Josh Toluk who manages the Weston Shopping Center, would not elaborate as to the reasons why the pharmacy was leaving except to say it was the pharmacy’s decision to go. The center does not presently have another tenant lined up for the space, he said.

“Anything we do, we put quite a bit of thought into — as to how it will better the town of Weston and what will best serve the community,” he said.

Ken Salem, one of the pharmacy’s owners, said he was too busy to comment today as the store was filled with people picking up antibiotics and medicine.  More to come...
Lang's of New Canaan takes decreased pharmacy space after Weston Pharmacy closes.

WESTON CENTER (this map is not an official document as it appears on this website).

Peter's Market (photo above taken some time ago) to sell newspapers in 2006, as store to expand its aisles, taking over the cleaner's spot;  already spread to liquor store - which moved to space next to hardware store.  Planning and Zoning Commission gives permission to expand this what we had thought was a non-conforming property (too much impervious surface, for example--see Zoning Regulations).  First map of the Center filed as as result of January 23, 2006 decision to approve modifications to Peter's Market.  An addition appears to be under construction at the rear of the market (Spring 2007).

MEMORIES:  Weston Pharmacy closes.
I will always remember taking this photo of really cute animals--the best presents for my extended family were purchased here!  We see Jon now in Wilton, but this is a photo taken in happier times. 
Fairfield County Bank moved from temporary spot in part of Peter's to the official BANK location - doing very well now, compared to the rest of that industry - nothing like a trusty local bank with great management!  Our very favorite banker home in Weston!!!  The Lunch Box is the actual center of town.  New York Times now at the ever-expanding Peter's Market.  LUNCH BOX (r.) remains home to the best conversation in town.

Who are the three men above and when was this photo taken?  HINT:  where does the business of the town take place?  Can you name the building above?

One new and three old photos of parks and open space in Central Weston - which are which?  Which one gets the most use?  (Trick question:  playground at right is the correct answer.)

Can you identify these structures?  Which one was considered for the new Senior Activities Center?

Where are these pictures taken?  Are you ready for "Good Riddance Day" the last Saturday in April from 8:30am to 12:30pm at DPW garage on Old Hyde Road?  Weston's previous HHW Days here.

ANSWERS:  e-mail us!
Photographs by "About Town" with the exception of Cobb's Mill Inn (Joan Lewis) and the Weston High School construction photo (from the Board of Education website)