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And on a less grand scale, how one little (or really big) island deals with the matter...of potential "big box" stores.

Few supporters back building size change
South Whidbey RECORD
Jun 29 2005

...The county planning commission may make a recommendation on the new regulations at their meeting in late July, and has been gathering public comment on the idea.  The proposal would permit buildings three times the size of the largest building thatís now in Clinton, and nearly double the size of the largest existing building in Freeland.

Development rules currently prohibit buildings in Clinton from exceeding 14,000 square feet. Freeland buildings canít be built larger than 27,000 square feet.  According to a review of comments that have been submitted on the new rules, few people support the change for bigger buildings in Clinton or Freeland, however.

Some people are worried bigger buildings in Clinton and Freeland will hurt the rural character of the area. And others have said they need more time to offer input on the proposal.  Residentsí concerns have county officials rethinking the idea....Rick Almberg of Oak Harbor RDA and Associates, a development company, and Jeff Lien, owner of Payless Foods, have pressed for the change in size limits for new buildings.

...Beyond the rural character issue, some Island County residents have raised other concerns about the building size rules.  Locals want to block big-box stores such as Wal-Mart and other businesses from coming to the area. People have also said theyíre worried about drainage and parking problems...THIS IS PART OF A LARGER ARTICLE

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