WILD THINGS' RIGHT FIELD DREAMING The view from right field toward home plate, North House Field

GREEN TEAM LEAGUE WINNERS:  '88, '90, '92, '93, '94, '98, '99, '03, '08, '09.
WILD THINGS '96 AND '99:  Undefeated in the regular season (l) and champs after a triple-header victory over Peter's Spirits in 1999.  BREAKING NEWS for 2015;  next - although we didn't win in '04 or '05 we made it close and had fun (woof, woof, woof)!

Life in a small town revolves around personal interaction.  Around the turn of the century, for me, it was the Wild Things slow-pitch softball team that added an extra richness to it. 

The photo at the top was approximately my view from right field - and yes, lots of our opposing team's players in the finals that year could hit it that far!  And I mean line drives over your head if you cheated and tried to cut off any ground balls that made it through our fantastic infielders...one time I hung back and a particularly adroit batter attempted to drop one in right in front of me...

I charged in at full speed, extended my glove as far as I could ahead of me...and actually caught the ball.  I was bitterly disappointed that my teammates all ran out to congratulate me, because I could have fired the ball back in for a double play (since the opposing team's runner on second never thought I would catch the fly ball...she was around third when I made the catch) had not the second baseman, pitcher and the shortstop run out to congratulate me on the catch!

At least I think we could have doubled the runner off!


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