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SURVEY & RESEARCH, October 29, 2018
SURVEY COMMITTEE HARD AT WORK:  Watch for a post card SOON announcing the online survey, to be featured for the month from Nov. 15 to Dec. 15 on the Town Website.

At their third meeting things began to be finalized almost -  we are close to the point of getting involved in the new Town Plan - please take the time to fill it out!!!!

This survey is going to roll out on November 15th for end date return of Dec.15th.  Although we will not disclose any actual questions, take it from me - this is the real thing.  It will require some time to fill out completely, but I have to say that it is very thorough.  It even asks if you attend "Speak Up" among other things in Town.

F O R    C L A R I T Y . . .or as the buzz word goes, "transparency"...we received a draft of the survey at 10-29-18 meeting and sat through the ensuing meeting and it was a real treat to see Weston volunteers churning out this fabulous work product.  Awesome.

We note that no minutes for either of these TOWN PLAN RELATED groups appear on the Town of Weston website.  We assume nothing was accomplished requiring action - but there were elections notes in the agenda for both -  but no news of who was elected.

SURVEY & RESEARCH:   Agendas only


A particular strength of Milone & MacBroom. 


What is a "charette?"  A word with history.

From Google:  word on why population in Fairfield County  is bucking trends:

Harbor Point one example of their work:

Special Meeting of P&Z at 9am in Town Hall Annex (no video - to meet with Milone & MacBroom):
Posted minutes (unapproved):

Planning & Zoning Commission
, September 5, 2018
At September 5, 2018 meeting, it was reported that Milone and MacBroom had been retained to update the 2010 Plan.  They were asked to work to develop questions for P&Z to have included in a joint survey with the Town of Weston.Board of Selectmen

What is that old saying again?  Something about being worth 1000 words?


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