F R E E D O M    O F    I N F O R M A T I O N : 
  So is there a central location for "meetings of government agencies" or not, if not on the Internet, where?
W H A T    I T    M E A N S    I N    W E S T O N ,   C  T  -    A    V I S I T   T O    T O W N    H A L L   A N D    T H E    T O W N    C L E R K ' S    O F F I C E .

Welcome to Weston. 
So what did you want to know about this town?

Weston has an active Commission on the Arts not to mention many talented artists who show their works at Town Hall.

But we digress. 
The Town Clerk's Offices wall - these two - hold monthly calendars of what's going on in Town Hall meetings as well public meetings of regional entities (r)

Here is the real thing
Those meetings the public can attend - as you enter hang a left over the copy machine!  What you see on the Town Clerk's boards is a lot more activity than you know about from the website (r).

Freedom of Information Commission "cliff notes" of what you must do to comply with public notice, etc. rules.
Adapted by the Town Clerk - to enlarge, click photo above.

THE VAULT - Entrance from the Town Clerk's Office
Here is the history of all properties in the Town of Weston from way way back (1700's)