2016 LEGISLATIVE WRAP UP (S}!!!  We are pleased to be able to have attended two (2) - (l), in person, and (r) electronically via CT-N!
Weston Town Hall Meeting Room, Metro Hartford Alliance offices (?) in a non-functioning air conditioned building where the windows don't open.  Wednesday, June 15, 2016 and Tuesday June 21, 2016

From the Metro Hartford meeting...
CT Mirror, CTNEWSJUNKIE, Hartford Courant and Moderator Oz Griebel review, 6-21-16
Yet more proof that CONNECTICUT NOT A STATE IN WHICH TO DIE - Yes, (29 minutes in) and went on and on making point after point!!!


From the Weston meeting...

Rep. Shaban, Sen. Hwang and Sen. Boucher; 
Details of what happened at the Legislature in power point, made available in print form.  (Interesting that Courant mentioned  around 29 minutes in how cuts to Medical Examiner imply unclaimed bodies revert to place they were found)  Weston's three legislators reviewed what the state of the state is after yet another "short session" followed by Special Session followed by veto sessions...and what is coming after Nov. 8th.

Senator Boucher embarks on longer view analysis.
Emphasized the financial condition of the state and its borrowing to pay operating costs policy.  Panel at second Wrap-Up predicts Special Session three (3) days after November 8th election.

Senator Hwang
Pointed out that something was going to have to give re: union contracts, and that private sector can deliver many services more efficiently than does government.  Voting on union contracts for state employees hasn't been done for 20 years.

Representative Shaban
Emphasized that government and its financial underpinnings in this state are broken and need to be fixed...but how, asks the panel of reporters, the question hanging in the wind on June 21st.  Impact of Trump on voting in 2016 legislative elections?

Crowd asks sincere questions
Including one (not shown) with two sons, wanting to know where each of the legislators stands on various aspects of gun control issue.  Others more concerned about CT competitiveness, taxes and how we can turn things around.