Weston Town Hall (l. and c.) and the Saugatuck Reservoir (r.),  looking north to Redding.  CLICK ON SAUGATUCK RESERVOIR at right to view current "About Town" TV program on-line!

A program about the 169 Towns in the State of Connecticut.
Cablevision of Southwestern CT, Channel 88, Fridays and Sundays from 5:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.;  DPUC renews CABLEVISION franchise.

Guest List (some interviewed in multiple-guest format on a particular topic) below.  In alphabetical order ("*" asterisk indicates interview currently showing):

Our emphasis, since the first interview with Steve Paganelli, then of the Coastal Fairfield County Convention and Visitors' Bureau (now in the New Haven area in a similar position), has been to explore how the Town of Weston relates to the outside world - what goes into forming the character of a community?  What, exactly, are the building blocks?  Now in its 14th season, "About Town" has developed a formula.  A balance of politics, environmentalism and art...plus a dash of city planning, added to the mix...equals community!

  1. ARTIFACT DESIGN GROUP/MYDESIGNFOUNDATION.ORG - Greg Clark; and in an earlier program with Tom Grotta of browngrotta arts.
  2. ASPETUCK LAND TRUST (Bruce LePage, Executive Director and Jonathan Wagner, Vice-President, Weston)
  3. Paul Audley, former First Selectmen, Town of Fairfield
  4. Jerome Belair, Superintendent of Schools, Weston Public Schools
  5. Peter Belmont, P.G.A. Golf Professional & Teacher
  6. Woody Bliss, First Selectman of Weston
  7. Hon. Toni Boucher, former State Senator, R-26, and former State Representative, R-143
  8. Hon. Toni Boucher, R-143, and Hon. Judith G. Freedman, (former State Senator, R-26)
  9. Reg Bowden, President, Weston Historical Society
  10. Andree Brooks, author and historian
  11. Branchville Gallery - Brian Sullivan and Margaret Roleke
  12. Jim Cameron, Chair. of the Connecticut Metro North - Shoreline East Rail Commuter Council.
  13. Richard C. Carpenter, AICP, SWRPA Execitive Director (ret.)
  14. Dan Clarke, Director of Facilities, Weston Public Schools
  15. Hon. Cathy Cook and Hon. Judith G. Freedman, CT State Senators
  16. Gerda Da Rif, Artist, Photographer, Graphic Designer, Maker of Handmade Books
  17. Diesel Pollution/environmental matters:  outlook for the Legislative Session 2005 (Roger Reynolds, Sr. Att'y. Connecticut Fund for the Environment; Madeleine Weil, Policy Analyst, Environment Northeast)
  18. Helen During, Gallery Director, Silvermine Guild
  19. Energy-Powerlines (Senator Judith Freedman and Ruth Ann Wiesenthal-Gold, Woodlands Coalition)
  20. Hon. Diane Goss Farrell, First Selectwoman of Westport and Chair., M.P.O. Southwestern Region
  21. David Fink, Director of  Policy and Communication, Partnership for Strong Communities and HOMEConnecticut.
  22. Fletcher-Thompson Architects (Jim Beaudin, Jeff Sells)
  23. Fletcher-Thompson Architects (Joe Costa, Project Manager, Weston School Construction)
  24. Richard H. Frisch, Technologist
  25. Hon. Judith Freedman, CT State Senator (R-26)
  26. Teri Gaberman, A.D.A.P. (Alcohol and Drug Awareness Program), Weston
  27. Gregg Griffin, photographer (Iraq visit, May 2003)
  28. Stephan Grozinger, Esq., Chair., Weston Planning & Zonng Commission
  29. Hon. George C. Guidera, former First Selectman, Town of Weston
  30. Grace Heaphy, piano, and Nichole Peyreigne, mezzo-soprano, "Of Music and Hope 2008" concert, in two parts.
  31. Sarah Heath, Director of Youth Services, Town of Weston
  32. Helping Our Environment:  Melissa Royael, ICLEI;  Amelia Ravin, Clean Air-Cool Planet;  Madeleine Weil, Environment Northeast
  33. *Edwin Henion, Chief of Police, Town of Weston
  34. Charlene Chiang-Hillman, Human Services Director, Town of Weston
  35. Hon. Tony Hwang, Connecticut State Senator, 28th District
  36. Amy Kalafa, author, documentary filmmaker,  Westonite, and fighter for the health of America's children.
  37. Ted Russell Kamp, singer, songwriter, and musician, with his band
  38. Dr. Jo-Ann Keating, Director of Finance and Operations, Weston Public Schools
  39. Adele Kamp, artist, poet, writer, teacher
  40. Dan Kenny, Tax Assessor, Town of Weston
  41. Lyn Kimberly, American Wanderer LLC and Camp Berger Summer Camps for Kids
  42. Joe Lametta, Department of Public Works, Town of Weston
  43. Anthony Land, Chief of Police, Town of Weston
  44. Tom Landry, Town Administrator, Town of Weston
  45. Dr. Floyd Lapp, Executive Director of SWRPA
  46. Hon. Gail Lavielle, Connecticut State Representative, R-143, and previously interviewed as Commissioner, Connecticut Public Transportation Commission.
  47. Bruce LePage, Executive Director of the Aspetuck Land Trust
  48. Jim Lisher, Chairman, Tele-Health Seniors Wellness Program of New Canaan, Connecticut
  49. James J. Lomuscio, Author, Journalist and Teacher
  50. Medical Liability Insurance:  Jonathan Greenwald, M.D., CT Representatives G. Kenneth Bernhard and Bob Duff
  51. Hon. Denise Merrill, Connecticut Secretary of the State
  52. Margaret Miner, Executive Director of the Rivers Alliance of Connecticut
  53. Attorney Susan A. Moch of the Town of Weston's Panel of Moderators
  54. THE MAGIC GENIE, Nisan Eventoff, shows "WOW!" after-school program students how to be magicians themselves and do magic tricks!
  55. Judith Nelson, Executive Director, Westport-Weston Health District
  56. Norfield Church 250th Anniversary
  57. Norfield Fair Art Show (Phyllis Gary, Posey Griffin, Co-Chairs. 2003)
  58. Enid Oresman, President, League of Women Voters of Connecticut
  59. OFFICE OF POLICY & MANAGEMENT:  Daniel Morley and Dimple Desai, Intergovernmental Policy Division.
  60. Steve Paganelli, Executive Director, Coastal Fairfield County Convention and Visitor Bureau
  61. Colleen Palmer, Ph.D., Superintendent of Schools for the Weston (Connecticut) Public Schools
  62. Nichole Peyreigne, mezzo-soprano, and Grace Heaphy, piano, "Of Music and Hope 2008" concert, in two parts.
  63. Dr. Lynne Pierson, Superintendent of Schools, Weston
  64. Ray Rauth, Member, State Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan ("SCORP"), bicycle coalition
  65. "Rites of Spring" dance festival excerpts; Weston Commission for the Arts Chair. Christine Lomuscio; together with Peg Bisceglie of the "Young People's Creative Dance Theatre"
  66. Leah Lopez Schmalz, Director of Legislative and Legal Affairs for Save the Sound
  67. Stephanie Schwartz, Chair., Weston Education Foundation
  68. Paul Settelmeyer, Chair., South Western Regional Planning Agency
  69. Hon. Christopher Shays, Congressman, 4th District
  70. Hon. Hal Shupack, Former First Selectman, Town of Weston
  71. Hon. Rob Simmons, former Congressman and  State Representative, candidate for Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate, 2010.
  72. Laura Smits, candidate for First Selectman, Town of Weston
  73. Stephen Soler, Georgetown Land Development Company
  74. Hon. Christopher Spaulding, Ph.D., First Selectman, Town of Weston
  75. Jessica Speart, actress, author of "Rachel Porter" mystery novels, investigative journalist, and environmental warrior on behalf of endangerered species gives a rip-roaring double interview!
  76. Hon. John Stripp, State Representative, 135th District
  77. Allen Swerdlowe, F.A.I.A., Chairman, Building Committee, Town of Weston
  78. South Western Region MPO "Congestion Pricing" Meeting
  79. Karen Tatarka, Director, Weston Public Library
  80. Dick Troxell, Panel of Moderators, Town of Weston
  81. John Troxell, Chief of Police, Town of Weston
  82. Ellen Uzenoff, Member, Board of Education, Weston;  member, School Building Committee
  83. Weston School Construction Project (TOURS)
  84. Hon. Gayle M. Weinstein, First Selectman of Weston
  85. Women's Campaign School at Yale, Andrée Brooks, founder and first President
  86. Michael Widland, Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk
  87. Westport Weston Health District:  Mark Cooper, Director of Health; Monica Wheeler, Community Health Director; and Ken Kellogg, Director of Emergency Preparedness and Support Services
  88. Reverend Dr. Bernard Wilson, Senior Minister, Norfield Congregational Church.
  89. Bob Wilson, Executive Director, South Western Regional Planning Agency, 2001-2006
  90. Jeana Wirtenberg, PhD, Director of External Relations and Services at the Institute for Sustainable Enterprise of Fairleigh Dickinson University
  91. Les Wolf, Chairman, Weston Board of Education
  92. Matthew Zachary, Pianist, Composer, brain cancer survivor, and founder of "Steps for Living" cancer survivorship programs.

Visitors invited to step through doors of six historic homes in Weston
Norwalk HOUR
September 11, 2008


For the first time in more than 20 years, a tour of historic homes in Weston will be offered from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sunday, Sept. 21.

Under the aegis of the Weston Historical Society, the public will visit six historic houses and will see where and how their predecessors lived.

Tickets may be purchased in advance by calling (203) 226-1804 and leaving a message. There will be ticket sales at Weston Center in the weeks prior to the event. On the day of the tour, tickets may be purchased or picked up at the Cobbs Mill Inn after 10 a.m.

Tour participants are invited to bring the family and learn about the architecture, the people, and the history of Weston over the past two centuries.

The house tour will focus on Weston's past as a representative New England town. It will not focus on the usual fare of house tours, which is contemporary décor and interior decoration by professional decorators, though that may be in evidence, too.

Participants will begin the day at the historic Cobbs Mill Inn at the junction of Routes 57 and 53 where they will pick up a map and tour guide, as well as tickets and identification for entry into the six homes.

Tickets are $45 each ($40 for Wes-ton Historical Society members) if purchased prior to the day of the event, $50 the day of the tour with an optional lunch at Cobbs Mill Inn from 12:30 to 3 p.m. is $25.

Also at the inn, the public can see prizes in the drawing, which include two handmade quilts, an original, artist's pen-and-ink draw-ing of the winner's house from a photograph of their choice, a handcrafted necklace, a first edition, autographed copy of "The Doors of Weston" by Julie O'Connor and Dan Burstein and a handmade handbag among other items. The cost is a $5 a chance or $20 for 5 chances.

Gilbert & Bennett Wire Mill Property, 2005:  now its own taxing district, topic of "About Town" television show!  Not ready for occupancy in June 2008.

Offices of company now offices for project team;  before and after;  aerial view in color;  the Weaving Building;  the waterfall.

Stay tuned as progress toward completing ambitious plans is made! 

Many twists and turns since this article - long and short of the situation seems to be whether service can be provided adequately to subscribers if at all...
DPUC says cable programming over Internet not subject to franchising rules
By:Christine McCluskey, Journal Inquirer

The state Department of Public Utility Control on Friday released a draft decision that says cable television programming offered by AT&T over the Internet would not be subject to cable franchising requirements.

If adopted, the decision "is expected to lead to increased competition for cable television providers and real choice for consumers," a press release from the department said Friday.

Department Vice Chairman Jack R. Goldberg, the chairman of the panel that released the draft, said in the press release that the decision rested on the fact that a new technology other than cable is delivering the television programming.

"We believe the technology is the key, just as it is in Voice Over the Internet Protocol (VOIP), which is Internet telephone service but is unregulated, unlike legacy telephone service," Goldberg said.

Both AT&T and Verizon intend to offer television programming, the release states.

Verizon said "that its television offering constitutes cable television" and that it will therefore seek franchising authority from the Department of Public Utility Control.

AT&T, though, will not have to get certification from the department, having argued that its television programming would not be cable television because it would be delivered over the Internet.

The department has no jurisdiction over Internet service.

The department said in its decision that AT&T's programming would meet legal and regulatory requirements "and is distinguishable from cable television products," the release said.  Though it will not be regulated like a cable television company, AT&T will meet several requirements that regulation would have imposed on it, the release said.

Those include providing "service to everyone in the state irrespective of income, public education and government access including the Connecticut Television Network, customer service commitments, emergency alert service, and closed caption for the hearing impaired."

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